Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Bag Sets for Sale!

A stuffed Christmas bag waiting to be opened! 

This year I'm really excited to start selling a few things I've been making and perfecting over the years for my own family and friends. The first of these items are sets of Christmas bags. What's a Christmas bag, you say?

A Christmas bag is a fabric bag that will last forever, long after paper bags, wrapping paper, and tissue paper. There is no clean-up after the gifts have been given, just gather them up, fold them and put them away for next year...and every year after that.

They keep vintage fabrics out of the landfill and are a great option both financially and environmentally. They come with a nice folded inside seam, and are double stitched up each side for strength. They're a part of the holiday traditions.
Two patterns of bags; S, M, L size, all folded up (bonus minis, too!)

I had never heard nor seen Christmas bags before marrying into the Mast family. Stefan's Oma always made them for her family, and Stefan's mom carried on the tradition for her own family. When I spent my first Christmas among them, I asked about them. They're so different, and I love that we've kept up the tradition as well.

Through the years I've accumulated vintage holiday, Christmas, and wintry fabrics, and I'm excited to spread the idea around! I love items that are aesthetically pleasing and these bags, with a little ribbon tie, look gorgeous around a tree. There is no waste with these bags like used-up bows, broken bags, paper wrapping, or the tag being ripped off. Oh yeah, and they last forever. 

 The remaining four fabrics used. The first two are vintage material. 

I'm making a number of sets for sale, and each set will be $25. Included in that are 5 bags of various sizes (2 small, 2 medium, 1 large) and a bonus mini in all the fabric patterns you see in the last two photos.

Each set will be wrapped up with enough ribbon or twine for all the bags* and wrapped up with a pompom or two. I am only making 10 sets, so hurry if you want some for your family. 

Please email me at SSLAMAST (AT) GMAIL (DOT) COM for paypal address. If you're not local, shipping will be $5 flat. Thank you! 

*(tags not included)

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