Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekend Links

Seattle Rainbow

I love the internet. Here's where I was clicking around this week:
  • My favorite Little Folksinger has a new album out and it's more mellow than any of her others, because, "she's just happy all the time." (Spotify link) I read any and every interview she does, and to find her on Design*Sponge was surprising and perfect--my two worlds connecting. Here's the interview. 
  • I'm kind of a conference nerd. I think it goes back to my love of learning. It's on the bucket list to go to the World Domination Summit someday. And hey! Portland! The videos found here are sort of like TED talks without the short time boundary.
  • I can't wait for Anne's new book. Can. Not. Wait. 
  • On Veteran's Day, go outside and celebrate your freedom by enjoying a National Park--free admission for that day only!
  • I'm thinking of getting the Tinker Crate for Lukka for xmas...any gift ideas for a kid who doesn't really like toys, but loves to invent? Leave them for me in the comments. 
  • This pottery piece is absolutely perfect and embodies everything I'd want in decorating a home. Can someone with a design eye translate that for me?
  • We found a store named Lucca when we were in Seattle and OF COURSE we stopped there. This was the strangest and most interesting brick and mortar I've ever been into. It was like walking into a 1930s film noir set in Paris or London. Perhaps during Halloween. 
  • Don't miss this A-Mazing novel, Because of Winn-Dixie, I reviewed on WRSH this past week. Have kids? Read it aloud to them. Don't have kids. Read it quietly to yourself and sniffle. It's fantastic. 

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