Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ft. Langley 'Blooming Bush Bike Tour'

This was something brand new we did early in the Spring (yikes! I've neglected this blog for a long time...) around our town, Ft. Langley, BC. There was a 2-3 week period where nearly every house in Ft. Langley, which is home to so many beautifully landscaped properties, had a 'blooming bush' in their yard. The kids and I made up an activity--go on a "blooming bush bike tour" and take photos of all the gorgeous blooms. 
Most of these photos were snapped by the kids, and people, we didn't even get farther than 4 city blocks before we were done because we had taken over 50+ photos!

Here are a few of our favorites, and I tried to get a good array of colors presented. 
If you know which flower/bush it is, leave it for me in the comments (and describe the photo/color of flower so we can know which is which). 

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