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New Year, New List // 18 in 2018

looking into Vancouver from Jericho Beach

I first saw this type of list from Sarah VonBargen's blog Yes and Yes, and I immediately understood the practice. I'm pretty sure I've been doing lists in this vein for at least 6 years on the blog, and I love it. Every year I leave a few blank to fill in at later dates, but here's my tentative "18 Things in 2018". What are you really hoping to do in 2018? 

1) Be in More Photos (and all the moms said "preach!")

2) Getaway on the Sunshine Coast

3) Visit the Night Market in Richmond 

4) Visit Britannia Mine (completed!)

5) Go to Shop Suite during the Christmas Season (I have yet to find a worthy handmade market up here but I've heard good things about this one!)

6) Buy a better swimsuit (for the love).

7) Visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead in De Smet with Grammy + kids. (Booked our airbnbs for #7,8!)

8) Take the kids to Ashfall Fossil Beds. Same trip as above, in Western Nebraska; one of my favorite memories as a kid.

9) Have a Harry Potter party when we finish the series.

10) Ride a horse in Phoenix/take a hot air balloon ride/see the Grand Canyon with the girls in AZ in March. All of them, none of them? It will be good to see my besties soon.

11) Once a month computer drive/device clean-up. Whomp.

12) See A Wrinkle in Time in theaters with of my favorite books from my childhood with an all star cast!

13) Go Skiing with the family (completed!)

14) Make a 2016-2017 + 2017-2018 homeschool photo book using Instagram photos.

15) Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery with the kids. 

16) eat tacos with Stefan at La Taqueria in Vancouver  (if there's a better place please let me know!)




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