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Anikka Turns 1!!!

Remember my sweet little newborn lady? The Peanut, as I fondly called her. We're celebrating her first birthday today! We love you Baby Nanny!
You are the happiest baby we've ever met and you especially love: bathtime, clapping, your big brother, and FOOD!
You will eat almost anything (except pureed green beans, but honey, I don't blame you!) and like to pretend you're making it yourself. The "kitchen" is one of your favorite toys!

And you with your pigtails? I DIE! Look at how sweet your little face is! We love you so much, Little Beaners! We know your next year will be wonderful, too!
Stats: We got to the doctor for her one year checkup on Friday, but last we checked (which was a month ago) she was around 22 lbs!
Blue eyes and auburn/red curly hair.
She's not walking yet but soon, she cruises everywhere and can walk with her walker by herself for long periods of time and loves to do it!
Anikka loves to clap and "dance" to music, and has a very jolly personality, and giggles ALL THE TIME :)
Nicknames: Nanny, Ani, Little Bean, Monkey, Goober Girl, Cheekies, Sweetzie, and Bumperina. We mostly just call her "Nans"!

You can read Anikka's birth story HERE or read about her full name HERE.

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Anonymous said…
What a cutie pie! Thank you for letting us read such a sweet message from mother to daughter.

julie k said…
LOVE the pigtails. Happy Birthday, Ani!

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