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Let's Hear it for the Kids! BOOK DAY!

{I thought it would be fun to do a week of kid-related posts a) for the grandparents and b) because I need some perspective of "busy-ness for a good cause" and celebrating all things child-related seems to lift even the crabbiest of my moods. If you'd like to play along, leave your blog in the comment section so we can follow you, too! Each day will be devoted to a child, then some favorite books, and nooks.}

Today I thought it'd be fun to show you what we've been loving to read around Our House. A few favorites from each child, that they ask for over and over. First up it's My Friends by Taro Gomi, a board book I bought Anikka for her 1st birthday...she still loves it! photocredit
This is one of the coolest board books we own. The pictures are simple and very beautiful. I find Japanese artwork very inspiring and this little book is no exception. This is the first book Ani really "took to" and started to like listening in our laps to a book. She also has learned many of her animal words from this book.


This book is quite possibly my favorite book from my childhood. I remembered the a-mazing illustrations from when I had it as I was looking it over at Barnes & Noble (I recognized the front cover) and with the cheap price tag of $5, it was a good impulse buy. Lukka and Ani love this just as much as I do, and I honestly can't decide which "season" (illustration) I like best. Butterflies, no, leaves, no, frogs! They are all fantastic. Love Richard Scarry.

Gyo Fujikawa. Awesome. Adorable chubby sweet babies + animals. Enough said. I would someday like to have the entire board book collection for my sweeties. Ani loves to say the animal names. I just love the cute illustrations! (I totally scored a sweet vintage copy of Oh, What a Busy Day!)

Ladybug is the Cricket Magazine subscription I got for Lukka for his 3rd birthday. I highly recommend this magazine or this company to anyone who's interested in getting their kids quality literature. The stories, poetry, riddles, songs,and comics are sweet, innocent, and top notch for each age group. Lukka is so excited when each issue comes in the mail, and he reads them so much they come completely apart after a few weeks. I'd say that's well worth it.

This is a book we picked up at the library the other day, and Lukka took to Sorry! by Landa like a charm. It helps there's a 'shiny object' inside the book, but the story is actually very cute. Bear & Rabbit are best friends and when a riff comes between them, realize it's silly and come to apologize, finding out when they're together, they're better off!


Lukka has taken to the Franklin book series like a kid and candy. He makes us read them.all.the.time. He loves them, and with the sweet characters, I can't help but like them, too (okay, until the 317th time). This particular one is Lukka's favorite. They are very dime-a-dozen, but hey, the little dude likes em'!


Be still my heart. My Lukka loves these 'junior' versions of Little House on the Prairie. I've only been successful in finding about 3 of these at the library, but even Stefan likes to read them to him! They are a family favorite for sure, and if you ever liked the Little House series and someday wanted to share them with your kiddos, don't wait til' they're older and can read chapter books, start them on these smaller versions!


oobbles said…
We got I am a bunny for Elsa as a newborn and she still enjoys reading it. We are also subscribed to Ladybug! Elsa is a big fan of High Five too- she loves the puzzles.
I have never heard of high-five I'll check it out!

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