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2012 goals realized, 2013 anew

painting by one of the kids

We've had a nice two weeks 'off' from our regular routine, and quite a quiet December for these parts. The kids have played with new toys, I've read some new books (!), and Stefan and I have had good quality time relaxing during the evenings with nowhere to be, only Mad Men episodes to enjoy before turning in for the night. It really has been sweet.

Next Monday we'll start afresh with a bit more structure, Ani's music class will start up again, and I'll be thinking about whether or not to sign up the kids for a winter swimming session. I have a lot of fun new ideas and outings planned for the kids, and already have my list ready for the Spring home school conference (sticking to my budget this year!). All in all, this time has given me a lot of opportunity to reflect on where we were last year, what goals we achieved, where we need to continue work, or where we need to move onto new things, and realize what a blessed year 2012 was. 

Goals achieved were potty training Ani (yay! 6 months later this feels like a lifetime ago...), spending more quality time with friends, and planning only 1-2 nights away from the home per week in the evenings. The last one ebbed and flowed, but more often than not we really tried, and I believe, succeeded, in making that happen. 

The goals that were maintenanced were getting lots of sleep and exercise (which, by now, I'm moving on from, it has become our lifestyle), and not incurring more debt. The camera didn't happen, but someday. The weight goal went up and down, but it's back on the 'down' track and I actually did give the kids more baths last year. Hah.

Some of the biggest things that happened in 2012 were more background. Our house sold, after years of trying to sell, then renting-to-own, it's no longer ours. I joined Usborne Books & More to help our family's home school library grow, and our home school budget (which desperately needs all the help it can get). We went on our first family vacation, and we loved it and did it all for under $200. That, in itself, deserves an award! I also learned the beautiful art of the weekly to-do list, rather than the daily. Not really a goal, but something that has made me much more relaxed in how I deal with stress in the day to day.

Our goals for this year are sort of up in the air at this point. I can't say much about what that means, you're just going to have to go with that for now. I know that I want to continue home schooling and finding something that peaks Lukka's interest, and I want a lot of time at home to myself. I want to talk and commit less, and not take on other's expectations for me (sigh) though I'm sure that will take years to really grow confident in. I want to keep our budget tighter than the past few years and really get stingy about using up what we have before buying. I thought about doing a 'no buy' year, but with things up in the air, I'm not making that challenge just yet. It might happen in the future; I hope it does. 

Is this enough? It is for now. I don't do specific resolutions because I think they're unbearable. So what happens if you don't loose exactly 25 lbs in one year? Just the fact that you've made the wheels turn in the right way, and you have some success, is a big deal. I'd rather look at big picture, but that's just me.

Are you a big picture or detailed goal maker? What are your goals, words, or phrases for 2013?


Renae said…
I love this. I feel like I've been so out of touch with what works for me; I have big goals at the beginning of each year and am so gung-ho out of the gate, then I fizzle and forget and don't even quite realize it until it gets toward the end of the year and I suddenly remember that I didn't do any of the work. It's like living in an anxiety dream. Ha.

So I think I am learning some things about myself about what I think motivates me versus what actually motivates me, and I'm thinking about 2013 with those things in mind.

Probably the biggest thing I'm trying to keep in mind this year is that it all adds up. I can't document my whole year this week, but if I take a picture every day, I'll have a daily record at the end of the year. I can't read 53 books this month (Bethany Hansen), but if I read for 20 minutes a day, I bet I can get through a whole lot more than the 12 (one a month) I'm thinking would be a good start.

Slow, but consistent. Totally not my natural MO -- I am without a doubt the hare who loses the race. This year is the year of the turtle. Or something like that. :)
kylee said…
Great post! Chris and I have recently been thinking about goals for our family, and we've decided just to focus on one this year - Get Out and Explore. We're going to strive to get outside and play more in the non-summer months, when it's so easy to stay snuggled up inside. We also would love to explore our new state. I have already found a snowshoe hike in the Loess Hills and a "KinderNature" class for Azra to participate in next month. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings, and especially for you (if you're hinting at what I think you're hinting at)!!

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