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Spring Sewing // DOLI tanks for Ani

As I have gone in waves of creativity, my love for sewing has only become stronger. Now that I'm a bit more confident with knits, and creating garments, I'm feeling that old need to be back in front of my machine a bit more often. 

Although I don't remember where I first saw the DOLI tank pattern from LouBee Clothing, I do know I purchased it almost immediately. I rarely make impulse buys, but rather like to sleep on any purchases aside from bills and a babysitter once a month. I didn't even care, though. I loved this tank and saw a lot of cute tops in my daughter's future, and my two nieces futures. :) 

Lucky for me, it came with a buy-one-get-one-free pattern, so I picked up the  Bimaa Sweater pattern, though I have yet to create that.  There's something so fun and rewarding about finishing a quick piece, that is also practical and wearable.

I made Ani's three tops with the jersey knit fabric (stripe patterns) and knit ribbing from my sweet package from Ottobre I received last fall. The fabric is soft and I love how the colors work with each other well for a modern and playful match. 
The very top fabric (white with multicolored squares) is some of my favorite fabric I own. The turquoise ribbing match one of the colors of squares so well I knew tank would look cute with it, so I cut in to it. I'm glad I did. It's my favorite one. 

Beach time is here!


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